Friday, April 18, 2014

The Rest of the Finds

I had no intentions of going back to the estate sale the second day.  The mister and I were on our way to the post office, but the lot was packed so instead of just driving around for a bit, we decided to go to the sale.  Everything was half off which is always welcomed, right?

I have the movie soundtrack to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang but had never seen this recording before. Pretty nifty cover art. An old box of Dennison star seals, and a long letter rack.

I had noticed this print the first day, but there was no price on it so I passed. Since it was still there, I decided to ask about it. Good deal. I know some people will think it looks dated, but it is a nice painting. Personally, I like it. It's fairly big too-- 12" x 24".

Have a nice weekend!


  1. I remember those stars from grammar school - we'd get a gold star on a good paper!

  2. Oooooo!!!! I love Chitty-chitty-bang-bang! Such a cool thing to find! Good job.

  3. The stars - what a fun purchase!!!!

  4. Half-off prices are the way I like to shop at estate sales. I do hate it when the items are not priced. Don't they want to unload them?

    1. I guess they figure if someone wants it, they'll ask. But I agree: if you're running a sale, RUN IT!

  5. More great finds Diane, thank goodness the post office lot was full! Chitty chitty bang bang was one of my favourite movies when I was a kid, great album art!