Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Snow Showers

Somehow I knew we'd have snow this April. After Sunday's post, this comes as a great disappointment around here!

And I just put my boots away until next winter...

Hope your weather is vastly better!!


  1. Same as you. The deer came back to feed and then the snow. I posted them all to-day. When will it end.

    Oh your poor flowers but I suppose they will thrive . You think?

  2. So sorry! I hate to see those brave little springtime flowers bent over with snow. :-((

  3. CRAZEEEEE !...I just washed my Mollie walkin' coat..My boots are still out..Doesn't look like you'll have to shovel..

  4. We received about 2 inches of the white stuff today. Hmmmm, my boots were put away. I had to take them out again ~ we are all singing Jingle Eggs, Jingle Eggs in our part of Ontario ~

  5. We had the same thing!
    Our daffodils come out in February...always right around Valentines day.
    So yep... when we FINALLY SAW WHITE STUFF... it was covering my daffodils. I have similar pictures. :/

  6. I had to get the snow brush out this morning to clear the car, not good! It was -20C windchill and cold again for tonight! Not very much like spring!

  7. Aww, you put your boots away, that was the problem! Hope it has all melted and that your lovely flowers are blooming again Diane (and leave those boots out until June!)