Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday's Muster #15

With Easter coming up and Spring finally here, I decided to share a very colorful and flowery collection this week. Vintage enamel (for the most part) flower pins. I used to pick these up at garage sales or thrift shops for maybe fifty cents ten or more years ago.  Today they are very scarce except for Etsy and Ebay where they command a pretty penny. Two of these actually belonged to my grandmother-- two of the more docile styles.

These stick pins were my mother's and are later, from the late 70s-- I do have the end-stopper things around somewhere.

So now that you've seen them. here is a question: what should I do with them?  At the moment, they are sadly in a shoebox in my basement. I have had them displayed. Once I stuck some into a styrofoam wreath; that looked nice. Another time I had them "swagged" over a doorway on a crocheted chain. Any other clever ideas?  Keep in mind, they do get heavy when grouped together. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. They're all beauties! Ohh, take some out of the shoebox and display them in a dish - they're just so pretty!

  2. These are just beautiful!! I have seen these displayed on small Christmas trees with long necklaces for the garland. I hope you find someway to display them! :)

  3. So cute..and colorful..I think what you did with them was very creative..How about a sash of some kind? Too heavy ??

  4. I was going to suggest a clear glass vase...just pile them inside if you have a tall jar with a lid...even better! (no dust)
    They'd be so a dish too.
    Depending on your could attach them as a border near the hem or near the curtain hooks...
    just a thought.
    I think they are pretty. They reminded me of some of the vinyl pins ( I wish I still had) from the 70's when my Grand Dad worked for the Marilyn Belt and Bag Co. they were bright and colorful like these!
    --enjoyed this! Very springy.

  5. Aren't those colors and shapes gorgeous! They might look cute pinned to a heavy fabric (duck cloth? burlap? real wool felt?) and tacked into a shadow box.

    1. I had thought of covering cardboard with fabric, but your shadowbox idea is better. Thanks!

  6. I've seen these put together as a bouquet for a bride. Heavy? Yes. But beautiful. I keep my antique pins on the lampshade by my dressing table. The only problem is it is hard to dust.

  7. I love these too. You have a very nice collection.

    xo Danielle

  8. Wonderful collection, I remember having a yellow pin when I was young that I loved, wonder whatever happened to it?! I'm thinking they would look smashing in a shadow box like Miss Iowa suggested on a black background so all those lovely colours pop!