Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kitchen Flowers

I brought in two daffodils from my backyard recently. Instead of getting out a vase, I stuck them in the sweet potatoes I have sprouting in water on my kitchen windowsill. The sun was coming in Easter morning, and I thought light on the flowers looked interesting.

Like that interesting texture in the background? It's called "Dirty Window." Here in Illinois, we don't wash the outside of our windows until oh, maybe, Mothers Day so I'm right in style.



  1. Yes, they are interesting and beautiful. First I thought they are ATCs and the backgrounds are hand made! My windows look same now.

    1. Ha! Maybe we invented a new trend with our windows!

  2. I just love Daffodils.
    Now... why the sweet potato? Is that a way to make them last longer? What? I've never heard of this.
    Also-- I do like the textured background ...reminds me of my own pictures.

  3. That's funny, I know just what you mean about the windows, ours are a disgrace too!

  4. LOL. We're just getting around to cleaning our windows. They're horribly dirty after this winter!

  5. Lucy girl to have daffs in your garden, beautiful back lighting in your photos! And my windows look exactly the same!