Thursday, April 24, 2014

Come Back To 1967

Recently I had fun cutting up a very abused 1953 Woman's Day magazine to make some collages and note cards.

I thought fashions from 60s or 70s would make nifty collages too and so found a beat up 1967 Sears catalog for sale on Etsy. Normally these are rather pricey, but this one was reasonable due to its not too great condition. Just think, there were millions of these printed; we all had them, and now they garner a pretty penny.  If we only knew...

Anyway I thought now and then I'd share some of the contents. First up: men's wear. These dress shirts don't look too dated, but get the prices!

The Beach Boys apparently had an impact on men's clothing.

The orange striped shirt reminds me of The Monkees. Didn't Peter or Davy wear a shirt like this on occasion?

There's probably a lot of men today who are glad these jackets went out of style.

I have made a few collages and notecards already. So far, I've been scanning and not cutting up.

Boy, do I wish I could go back in time and save all those Sears catalogs we had!

Have a fun day!


  1. Love those clothes!
    It probably cost about that much to take those shirts to cleaners now days!
    Cute cards.

  2. I liked the clothes from the 60's and 70's. They were so colorful. I remember some awesome outfits that I used to wear.

  3. Love all the photos and your creative collages and note cards! I hadn't thought to look on Etsy or Ebay for old magazines or catalogues. I usually look through the ones at any of the library sales I attend! Thanks for the memories. I was born in 1953!

  4. Always so funny to look back at the clothes. But some of the cloths now days are way worse. I saved the last Sears catalog when it was published.

  5. Who knew old catalogs would be worth something one day?! Love those 60's fashions :O)

  6. I want a Christmas catalogue so bad , I have only ever seen a couple and they were way too expensive for me!

    Wasn't everything so colorful, great pics!