Sunday, April 6, 2014

Last Week's Finds

A week ago Saturday, I was on my way to the thrift store (to donate) when I happened on an estate sale. Good thing too since the thrift store had absolutely nothing of interest (even though I was "just" donating). I bought a few things at the sale. The tin is very similar to one I had back in the 70s and 80s, and the mythology book, I think, is the same one we were required to read in freshman english (can't tell you how often I've used that information... cough... cough).

Are you familiar with M.C. Escher? In a high school art class we were assigned to create a picture like those below. Begin with one shape and end up with another. For the life of me, I can't remember what mine looked like. It might come to me yet.

Let's take a closer look at the 1973 Woman's Day magazine. Here's an ad for Sears towels. Question: what ever happened to color? Wouldn't some of these liven up a bathroom?

Who remembers these Scotties boxes?  I do!

And who remembers the term "elephant pants?"

Pretty mod.

This is an ad in the back of the magazine. I remember seeing these around town.

My mother had a stash of these pull-out cooking pamphlets. I had forgotten all about them until I found this inside the magazine.

Lots of nostalgia for 25 cents.



  1. What a neat magazine. I love the towels and I wish they still sold flowered sheets for the bed! And patterns....and color! Enjoy your day my friend!

  2. We called them "elephant bells" (for bell bottoms) and I had a pair of hip hugger ones in magenta pink. They were so cool. Or so I thought. LOL. I wish I had a picture of me in those - they were my favorite pants. I was such a little hippie. Thanks for my laugh for today! OMG I am cracking up!!!

  3. I remember those pants but we knew them as" Bell Bottoms"...Great finds there Diane..

  4. I was just noticing the other day that all sheets at Home Sense are solid colours - I don't think the towels are much better!!

    Good buy on the magazine - can't go wrong with that price!!

  5. Lord, elephant pants ... yes, I do unfortunately remember those LOL! Great finds and have never heard of Escher, interesting drawing exercise, I'll have to give it a go!

  6. So funny to see the elephant pants. We were just looking through old pics and there was my sister in her elephant pants. Oh the 70's styles!