Monday, October 1, 2012

Saturday Finds

My little family and I hit 4 garage sales this past Saturday.  Two were duds, one okay, and one to die for so I guess they averaged out to pretty good.  Here is my haul.  A few things for me and a few things for lucky Etsy shoppers.

These Mason jars were only 25 cents each!  The woman selling them said if her dishwasher hadn't broke, she would have charged more.  I'm pleased that I only bought four since she had 50 or more!  I'll probably hang onto these.

And not pictured is a nice trellis for next year's Morning Glories-- they better do well!



  1. Looks like you got a nice haul. I always kick myself when I sell jars on Etsy, because I use them for so many things :)

  2. Great deal on the jars!! My daughters and I spent one summer collecting a couple hundred jars for our youngest daughter's wedding. We found some boxes of them for a few dollars, and some of the bigger jars were $5 or more. I visited an antique shop in Cross Lake, MN this summer that was charging $28 EACH!!! Crazy!