Sunday, October 14, 2012

The First Room

Here is the first room of my old dollhouse.  Decades ago it was a nursery, but for some reason I turned it into a playroom, attic room, upstairs parlor; what would you call it?  I think it evolved because of the trunk under the window.  I styled the room around that.

This rug I cross stitched about 10 years ago.  Never again!  Such tiny stitches!

There's nothing especially significant about this horse tricycle.  It's plastic, but I've always liked it.

And this crude fireplace I made at about age 11.  I just kept glueing rocks together. I can't believe it's held together so long!  I guess that is why I keep it in the house-- reverence for perseverance.

So there it is: the first room.  I'll pick up again Thursday with the bathroom.  How's that for a tease?  And remember, you can click on any of my photos to bring them up larger.  This week that might come in handy!



  1. I love that you made that fireplace with your own two little hands, and that you still have it! That room is so charming, and I can't wait to tour the rest of the house!

  2. I have enjoyed looking through all these doll house posts. LOVE your old doll house and all the things you and your sister and your mom made for it. I don't know where you live, but if you are ever in the Kansas City area, you will want to visit the Toy and Miniature museum. It's full of the most magnificent doll houses you have ever seen in your life. I'm your newest follower.