Tuesday, October 23, 2012

TT/Seed Pods

"Seed Pods and Seed Heads" is the theme this week at Tag Tuesday.  I'm sure we'll see all kinds of cool colors and forms from nature, excluding mine!  I just don't happen to have interesting seed pods by my house.  "Helicopters" are the highlight, and when I made this tag, they had yet to start falling.

So I thought of a favorite little drawing by E.H. Shepard for Winnie-The-Pooh.  Piglet is blowing the seeds off a dandelion.  That counts, right?

I drew the image myself and added some fabric trims and faux leaves that I thought needed a bit of paint to liven them up.

Should be interesting to see what the other taggers come up with!



  1. This is such a sweet tag! You did a great job of drawing Piglet!

  2. The piglet is spot on, too beautiful. I love E.H Shepard's simple and classic illustrations.

  3. Oh wow! don't you have talent. How very Piglet of you!
    you did a great job.
    Now...I'm going to see what all this Tag Tuesday business is...after only recently meeting you and coming to your blog, I thought Tag Tuesday was something you did here alone and by yourself. I never knew there were other Taggers out there...link up somewhere on Tuesdays!
    I must have 'fluff for brains'.... ;) Pat