Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Kitchen

For you folks visiting from Mockingbird Hill Cottage, let me bring you up to speed: this week we've been touring my (old) dollhouse.  If you care to, scroll down to Sunday's post and see what started all this.

So this is my dollhouse kitchen.  It has been renovated, by me, a couple of times. There were two other walls on the first floor that made four rooms.  Somewhere along the line I wanted the living room bigger and took out a wall.  Then I decided I wanted the kitchen bigger (what woman doesn't want that?) and took out another wall.

This room has plenty of old stuff in it, but it probably has the most of the newest stuff too.  And I know Quisp cereal is not period to the style of this room, but I had to have it-- loved Quisp!

This tray was plain aluminum.  I painted it to look like a tole painted tray.

This sewing cabinet is 30 years old or more, and I have a soft spot for it since I have a life-sized sewing cabinet just like it.  It belonged to my Great-Aunt Madge (of recent button fame).

So that makes two of my favorite things: my dollhouse and my sewing cabinet. Once again, I am linking to Mockingbird Hill Cottage and "A Favorite Thing." Tomorrow we move to the Living Room.



  1. What a darling dollhouse! Love your little tole tray -- and your real sewing cabinet!

  2. This is so much fun. What fun to do a dollhouse...!! I have to confess that last year when I went to Toys R Us and bought a Calico Critters house and toy set it was probably more for me than the grandkids. I'd have a blast with a dollhouse hobby!

  3. Hi Diane, I am loving the tour of your dollhouse! You have such special pieces. It seems you spent many pleasant days playing with it. I think it is so funny that you removed the wall to make a bigger kitchen! Yes, every woman wants that! Love the crocheted pieces in your bedroom and the stone fireplace too. Linda

  4. My grandmother had a sewing cabinet like that, too, and now I'm wondering whatever happened to it! I love your dollhouse and its kitchen. And you did a fabulous job painting that tray!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  5. This makes me want one of these soooo bad!
    I love this little kitchen; heck I love all the little rooms you've shown us!

    Love the painting on the tray...well done. Pat

  6. Awww, i love your old dolly house! I still have the one that was mine when I was a little girl. And the sewing cabinet that belonged to your Great Aunt is wonderful, too. So glad it has found a welcome in your home.

  7. I am so fascinated by doll houses. I really love your kitchen and your sewing cabinet is wonderful. Nothing better than the things we get from our loved ones.


  8. The doll house is adorable. I had to click on the photos to see what all was there and I do think my favorite is the sewing machine. How cute!

    Love the sewing cabinet, too. My mom has a wonderful sewing cabinet, and I picked up an old one earlier this year at an antique mall. I use it as an end-table.