Sunday, October 7, 2012

One More Squirrel Post

I made this tag a couple of weeks ago, using a library due date card pocket that I removed from a thrift store book-- I mean after I bought the book and got it home!

The image of the squirrel is just printed from the bountiful internet.  It does come out of the pocket.


  1. Hi Diane, Thanks for dropping by for a visit and for leaving a comment. Love your background on your bog. No wonder you don't have any fall decorations out because you've been busy with paper crafts! I got a couple of nice photos of squirrels the past couple of weeks.

  2. Hey! You are so clever Diane, using the old library card to make a tag! Brilliant! The impatiens on my blogpost are not the ones I planted this year. Those are the ones that came up voluntarily from last year's seeds. I had some impatiens planted on the front porch in a pot summer of 2011 and the seeds flew down below the porch and came up this summer. They are the ones that did so well. The plants I planted this summer never did squat. Hardly even grew. I think I bought a bad batch or they didn't like the soil I put them in. It was a new brand I used. ugh!

  3. What a cute little tag! You've really got a nice eye for putting things together...good job!