Sunday, September 30, 2012

Printer Tray

I finished the printer tray in rather quick fashion.  What fun!  Now all I need is a new wall to hang it on!

Just starting

Getting there

All done

I didn't really go with any particular theme; just "stuff" I liked together.  Most of the backgrounds and paper elements are scrapbook paper (what those clever companies don't make!).  The "bits and bobs" are things I had around the house. The dog postage stamp collage in the upper left is mounted onto a domino.  The two mushrooms in the upper right my sister made from rocks years ago.  The pen points are old and don't work too well anymore so I didn't mind using them here.  The key is from my antiquated house; for which door, I have no idea.  The tiny clock face in the lower right is actually a button!

Where would us modern day crafters be without the invention of the glue gun?  And I only burned myself once!