Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The "owls" theme at Tag Tuesday this week had all sorts of possibilities.  Owls are regaining popularity these days which I kind of hate to see as I remember the first go around in the 70s!  That means I'm old enough to see a trend repeat!  Ugh!  Well, I'm off the point.  Thinking of the dearly departed 70s and macrame owls (see yesterday's post), I found a pattern for a mini one-- it's really supposed to be a necklace.

In case there are any skeptics out there, it really is tag size.

So how many repeat trends can you think of?



  1. oh my gosh... i can't believe you macramed a mini owl! Cute!

  2. So cute... love it.. I'm your newest follower, Thank you for your visit today.. Hugs May x x x