Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TT/Letter U

A little leeway this week, please.  For the letter U at Tag Tuesday, I chose Lucille Ball.  Come on-- there is a U in her name!  The photo, from the 1930s, might surprise some of you.  Miss Ball was a blonde early in her career.  She became a redhead in 1943, and the rest is history.



  1. This IS surprising...
    I didn't know this business about being blonde. I thought she was a natural redhead. I guess this is a choice she made early on...
    I'm thinking maybe Red heads weren't thought to do well in the business or something...and so for PR reasons she went blonde? Who knows, I'm just making it up now!
    I barely recognized here!
    I love coming here to read your blog; I always learn some trivia...not just for the shear entertainment value!

  2. One of Tara and my favorites....still watch the reruns....love the blonde picture!

  3. What a fun tag! I've seen some of her old movies before TV...she was wonderful in those, too!