Monday, May 13, 2013

Bluebells For A Dumbbell

So I noticed a leafy weed coming up in my garden, and I did not pull it out right away for reasons unknown.  Then the weed bloomed with small blue flowers.  Kinda neat so I left it alone.  Several days later it dawned on me this weed is a Virginia Bluebell that I transplanted last year.   I'd say that qualifies me as a dumbbell.

In my defense, this plant never bloomed before.  It was in a much too sunny spot which is why I moved it.  After that, the leaves shriveled up, it looked dead, and I obviously never gave it another thought.   I'm so glad I didn't pull it out!  Either laziness paid off for once, or we can chalk it up to Divine Intervention.

And as long as we've established I'm a dumbbell about flowers-- I really have yellow tulips??  At least I knew right away this was not a weed!

Go show me up and have a smart day!


  1. (snicker)... the hardest part about spring is having the patience not to pull up every thing growing because you can't remember having planted it "there"... but then, you wait too long and you find your weeds have doubled and smothered your flowers... but then, I always say, "a weed is but an unloved flower"! Cheers~

  2. Now that sounds like my garden Diane, I always have to wait till the little green guys start growing to figure out what in the heck they are and then like Heather says, by that time the weeds have overtaken everything! Lovely bluebell, glad you didn't yank it out! Deb

  3. Lovely bluebells. I find if I give anything a little tug and it comes out it is a weed....lolol It seems like if it doesn't give it is something I leave alone. But I have left many a weed