Thursday, May 23, 2013

Retro Art 1960s

Inspiration Avenue's current challenge is right up my alley.  "Retro art, the 50s or 60s."  I hold the late 60s/early70s very dear.  Freud would probably diagnose my fetish as psychological; going back home. Maybe so.  I do miss the mod clothes, psychedelic colors, great music.  As much as I detest getting older, I am grateful I grew up in such an exciting era.  So here is a small collage celebrating the 60s music scene.

Can you name everyone? Do you what songs the lyrics are from?  Think about it.  I'll post the answers tomorrow.



  1. Gorgeous work!The collages are fabulous! Thanks so much for your comment.Your words are much appreciated.

    Karla - Poetic Postcards

  2. very retro....I miss those days also...even though I was already a

  3. LOVE this post. Late 60's and early 70's is all me! What a fun collage.

  4. You've got some of my favorite groups in there! I remember almost all of the lyrics...the only one that stumps me is ~ 'the ego sings of castles and kings'.

    I love the way you've put the collages together, great 60s colors! Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Avenue this week.

  5. Oh I missed this post.
    When you posted the answers on the other page... I just had to come and check this out. So while I didn't really cheat, ...I had to come and say, I do recognize the lyrics and the music plays in my head when I sing them outloud... I know the bands (most of them) but couldn't tell you the albums and titles ...
    does that make me old? nah! --enjoyed seeing this...truly has that retro vibe!

    I recently heard someone say 'retro' was defined as "old, but in a good way"...

    maybe I'm retro. :P

  6. Groovy. LOL and yes, unfortunately I am old enough to recognize the pictures. :)

  7. Lots of lovely reminders of such fabulous times, I was seriously in Love with Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin! Nice to see him again :)