Saturday, May 18, 2013

Great-Grandma's Dolls

My great-grandmother made these two dolls many, many years ago.  I have to guess when-- 1930s?  Maybe sooner?  Maybe later?  The fabric and styles suggest 20s or 30s to me.

They're about 24 inches long, and each even has her own undergarments.

I'm impressed both pairs of shoes are still with us.

A little hard to see, but all three buttons are different.  I imagine Grandmother was using odds and ends here.

My sister has a smaller doll made by the same great-grandma.  I'll have to post about that someday.

Linking to Mockingbird Hill Cottage and "A Favorite Thing" since a handmade doll from a great-grandmother is a very special thing.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, I love these! What treasures they are, and they are so CUTE. Handmade things are always the best as these dolls prove. I know you are happy to have them, particularly since they were made by your great grandmother. Thank you for sharing them with us. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them.

    Dropping by from Claudia's blog party!



  2. It's so nice that you have them..very sweet

  3. I remember having one of my mother's dolls to play with, fabric body but a china or ceramic face and hands. Wish I still had it! Thanks for stopping by. xo

  4. Hi Diane, Thanks for your nice comments on my blog of Sad Girls. I love handmade dolls. Your grandmother was very creative and innovative, back then a lot of our toys were made by our parents or our families. My father used to make dolls in a similar fashion to these, they wore pinafores and my mother braided their hair with wool. It was his hobby.

  5. Oh how cute!
    I made a doll for my daughter when she was just little. I still have her. I patterned her after a primitive doll...and she looks old, but in fact she is only about 22 yrs old.
    Then this summer, I rescued a homemade doll from a yard sale...she is "Dorothy" complete with homemade ruby slippers and her "little dog too!"
    I am looking for a new home for her... and am hoping to sell her in my shop. She is darling and I'm sure the perfect Wizard of Oz collector is out there waiting for her to come along.
    I'm not big on dolls, but these that you have from your Gr. Grandma are sweet. I like the face on the one on the left.
    She looks 'surprised' to be shown on your blog to the www. LOL!

  6. How wonderful you have them to treasure. I have many of my grandmother's things and they mean a lot to me. Smiles, Dottie

  7. I love dolls and my mom still gives me one every Christmas, sometimes for my birthday too. They're always so special. Yours are precious for many reasons---for their own sake, from your Great Grandmother and that they are handmade. Wonderful!

  8. Oh, your dolls are wonderful! They are such treasures to cherish and have the sweetest faces. I know they make you smile when you see them. I would put them on my bed...on an old quilt. How precious!

  9. Oh goodness, what treasures! They are beautiful and lovingly made and the detail is incredible. I love them!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.


  10. I love your dolls. And they are still in such beautiful condition. You are lucky to have such treasures. I have made dolls for both my granddaughters and they love them.

  11. What treasures to have! My daughter's Great grandmother used to make dolls and doll clothes for her. What survived her childhood I packed up and kept, then sent with her when she established her own home.
    Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

  12. What treasure they are Diane! So very wonderful to have something made by your great grandmother and they're so precious.

    Happy week to you!