Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saturday Sales

I knew of one estate/garage sale (that was how it was billed) near me Saturday and headed out with the family in tow.  Well, we also stumbled upon four more sales within the same neighborhood.  Pleasant surprise.  Here's the haul:

Rather large, very 70s looking crewel picture. Keeping this for myself! It cost all of one dollar. I asked the garage sale proprietress if she knew who had made it. She said, "My great-aunt, and I'm selling it because I know she won't be here today."

 An old feed sack apron, modeled by my daughter.

Old Bingo game, fold-over stationery from Current (I have a soft spot for vintage Current as my mother  always bought it back in the 70s), old alarm clock that so far is working, raffia letter holder, bunch of vintage floral and fruit seals-- never found any of those at a garage sale before.  Neat!

So a not too promising morning turned out pretty darn good.  I'll take that any day of the week!

Happy thrifting out there!


  1. I love garage sales. That apron was my favorite of your picks!

  2. You know I love yard sales too. Ours are almost over for the season because it's getting too hot, almost 90 yesterday. I love your new treasures. I'm always fascinated with vintage and old needlework. Like Kim, your apron appeals to me too. And your games. And the old Current paper goodies! You did good, Girl!

  3. The apron is beautiful! What a rare find. And I feel old...I always bought Current cards back in the 70s, too! heehee! I loved them and always sent a lot of cards...and still do! Hugs!

  4. Love the apron....reminds me of my grandma. Like your picture also. What a great find for $1.

  5. You scored! I have the exact same raffia letter holder, except it has different images. How I miss the thrill of the hunt! No garage/estate/yard/second hand stores here!!!

  6. Love the apron.
    The needle work is very interesting. I can see why you'd keep it. You need to show us how you choose to display it! :)
    ...also, I haven't seen seals in a long time. I bet these ARE NEAT!


  7. I remember having those seals or stickers as we called them, that's a great find!