Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Recent Finds

I've picked up quite a variety of finds lately. Up first, 1980s era bookmarks from Pier One. How do I know that? For one thing, there are old Pier One price stickers on the backs of  some, and I have one in my bookmark collection that I'm sure I bought in the late 70s or early 80s.

Old pinbacks. Who remembers Caravelle candy bars? I used to love them! I wish they still made them today. And two "Smoking Stinks" buttons from the 70s.

An unused Speedball set of pens and nibs for a buck! You can't beat that. I have similar nibs, but they do wear out over time.

A 90s, maybe 80s era Snoopy mug and a pretty nifty pickling book. Everything you need to know about picking is in there!

A very cute set of tiny Halloween books that were still in their original packaging. A small, handmade pitcher, and a Vera scarf. Funny, but you can always spot those in a basket of jumbled scarves. This one is all red, white, and blue.

Thanks for viewing!  Have a nice day!


  1. Don't know the name Vera when it comes to scarves...but the fabric looks very MOD! I guessing the pens and nibs will come in handy.
    Nice haul...

  2. Looks like you've done well lately..Must be a seasonal thing..Enjoy your day..

  3. I have yet to ever find a Vera scarf at a sale. They aren't frequent finds around here.

    Love the Snoopy mug.

  4. love those bookmarks! I used to love Pier one when It was a weird shop full of unique imports. I worked there when I was 16 years old.

    1. Thanks for the interesting comment. I was just talking with a friend about the neat stuff Pier One used to carry years ago.