Friday, September 4, 2015

Another Peek At A McCall's Magazine

Let's look at another McCall's Needlework and Crafts magazine today. This issue is Spring-Summer 1966. Notice the two Barbies sitting on the shelves?

I've never been a fan of knitted or crocheted dresses, but there were a lot of them in these magazines. I'm not too sure about the black accessories-- what do you think?

This one I'm showing not so much for the clothes, but how about that hat? And did you notice the wicker monkey purse in the lower left? Kind of odd, but come to think of it, we had one that was a chicken to play with; I wonder what ever happened to that?

I think it was a different pattern, but my mother made my sister a sweater very similar to the middle one because she loved fringe.

What would you say here? Mod? Neat? Funny? Bizarre? Get real? Too much? Too fun? Maybe all of the above. Bring this picture up larger (just click on it), and read the first paragraph-- I'd say: "funny."

Here's another one-- mod? Funny? Bizarre...

Finally a rather tame photo.

Fabric placemats. I thought the bottom one is cute for kids.

I bet these were tricky to make.

Barbie fashions, and I like the accessories-- cute tote bag in the middle.

And just in case you love pink, here is the back cover.

If you can stand one more photo, here are today's letters: T and U.

Have a fun day out there!


  1. I used to love those shift dresses... I have a blue and white cross stitch coverlet on my bed right now that I made in the 80s. I thought it should be washed so I thought I'd use it for a month or so. Have a good weekend.

  2. Oh my, what in the world were people thinking?! I have to say I do love the Go Go girls although they should be wearing pony boots :O) Your alphabet collage pages are totally uplifting!