Monday, September 28, 2015

Friday Finds

I hit a few garage sales and one estate sale on Friday. Let's see what she walked away with...

A pretty cool 70s owl plaque, a Pluto Pez dispenser for my daughter (she collects them), a 1952 Kodak photography guide, an old picture book for journal purposes, an unopened pack of paper with a map on it (some sort of company printer paper) also for journal purposes, and a neat old baseball cribbage game. Also four skirt/pants hangers. I bought two (25 cents each) for my daughter to use to hang posters, and as I was heading to my car, the man running the sale came after me, saying the hangers were "buy one get one." Well, okay. So I got four for 50 cents.

Some old Christmas ornaments and a manger scene. If you're rolling your eyes a bit at some of them, my daughter collects the kitschy 70s type ornaments; probably because we do find them often, but she thinks they're cute.

Old celluloid type reindeer that I'm pretty sure were dismantled from some other decoration. I thought they might come in handy for some crafting.

Here are a couple pages from that Kodak guide. It's actually pretty cool with these turning meter type "things."

 Here is a closer look at that baseball game. It did come with pegs and dice.

Not a bad haul. Thanks for looking!

One note: going from garage sales to an estate sale, especially when entering the garage first, can create "sticker shock." Prepare yourself first!


  1. never saw that baseball the owl plaque..You did good..

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks-- I like it too! The colors are even better in person.

  3. I like the owl plaque too. Also the pants hangers - those are good sellers for me in my shop.