Thursday, July 17, 2014

Artistic Addiction

The new theme at Shopping Our Stash is using something that you can't seem to put down-- your current creative addition. Without a doubt, mine is making these mini books. See my initial post here if you missed it. So far I've made 12. I'm on a roll. These are the pages before gluing them together.

Three covers

Finished books


So it would seem I can't put down my glue, my 23 year-old-metal ruler, and a thrifted table knife. Okay, the glue and the ruler you probably understand-- but the knife?? I use it to score the pages before folding, and the back side is a perfect bone folder. Works great.

By the way, thanks again to Lauren for her post about the SOS theme. Lots of creativity floating around out there!

Have fun!


  1. These little books are the cutest things you've made. Makes me really want one, too! I've been trying to 'sew' my stash! lol Have a fab day my friend! Hugs!

  2. I made a mini book like I don't know, a buzzillion years ago... I can't tell by these picture exactly how big yours are...mine was about 2 inch sq. I used them for all of my awful photos I'd taken with mini pictures of my kids and half of The Ozark Mountains behind them. LOL!
    Mini books are perfect for mini pictures...that's my point. ;)

  3. Hard to live without tacky glue!

  4. Fantastic mini books and I love that you use a knife for folding :)
    Thanks for playing along with us at Shopping Our Stash for the "Can't Put It Down" challenge!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! It is cool to see the finished products!

  6. You've made 12 of them?! Holy smokes woman, you are on a roll!