Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Swim In 1967

So if you were off to the pool or beach in 1967, you might have worn one of these from the Sears catalog.  I guess I sound like a prude or a dinosaur, but I like the more modest styles. I think they're more flattering.

No thanks.

Men didn't have much choice. Do men really care anyway?

Suits for the little ones.

Pretty cute.


  1. I had one of those like in Photo #3, bottom right, the two piece. Our goat ate it off the clothesline when I was sunning myself on the roof of our house. That's what teens did back then. We didn't have tanning booths. We just got as close to the sun as possible and used baby oil on our skin to invite skin cancer (which we also didn't know about).

  2. Catalogue posts are always fun!!

    I remember wearing a bathing cap - I can still smell that rubber!!!!

  3. Great fun photos. My mom had a bathing cap like that yellow one. LOL!

  4. I lean toward the more modest style too.
    My youngest daughter- the nurse, has a bent toward vintage style clothing. She just purchased a vintage style swim suit for the season. It is red, white and blue. And it looks so great on her!
    It's a one piece similar in style to the turquoise one at the top of this post...though not an exact match.
    great to see these styles.

  5. Those suits were more comfortable to wear as well Waymore flattering. They were the good old days.

  6. I like the white one in photo 3, but my grandmother would have forbidden it!

  7. Some of these are so cute. In the 2nd photo....the tank top and boy shorts are my style! Hugs!