Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Latest Finds

I haven't posted any secondhand finds lately because I had only found one or two things here and there. However, after a rare Thursday estate sale, I now have enough to make a somewhat interesting post. The mod blue fabric is a mod blue mini dress (vintage) that already sold on Etsy. A Melbourne linen towel and a saltines cracker box that also sold.

A 1964 linen towel, two "made in Germany" bottle stoppers, two old pants hangers, a hooked Xmas hot pad, film canister and reel, and floral tape (kind of nice to have that on hand for kids' projects).

A Xmas fruit cake tin which I don't think is too old since it has a UPC code on the side, old seam binding and rick rack (19 cents each originally!), Vermont cookbook, The Fellowship of the Rings, sheet music book, old pastels in a cool wooden box, and can you see in the back-- one of those letter holders with a clothespin "head" so it looks like a horse. My grandmother had one of those years (and years) ago.

Two old crochet booklets. I didn't even notice until I got home that the circus book is a tie-in to the film The Greatest Show On Earth. See Dorothy Lamour below from inside the book.

I went back to the sale on Saturday when everything was half price. Will post those finds another day.

Have a nice Sunday!


  1. All great stuff! My daughter has been wanting one of those saltine tins for the longest time and just last week she found one at a garage sale and the woman gave it to her for free. We were shocked. And I'm sick because I used to have one and I don't know what ever happened to it.

  2. I passed on one of those cracker tins once, I really shouldn't have!!

  3. Quite a few vintage finds... interesting that they sell so quickly, isn't it?
    I've got things to sell and was just thinking I need to get the store stocked and running again. Can't sell a thing-- if it's not stocked.
    you should write some posts telling us some of your tips! Do's and Don'ts things that work for you.