Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thrift Store Finds

I check in at my local thrift store almost weekly (the clerks recognize me), and like every second-hand store, some visits are fruitful, and some are not.  I did fairly well this past week.  Some things I'll hang on to and some will wind up at Etsy.  The video was even "free with a purchase."  My daughter was happy about that.

This flower pin is a keeper.  I have a stalled collection of them-- stalled because I hardly ever find one out in the real world anymore.

I also found this new (as in modern and as in never used) salt and pepper shaker set.  I had a couple recipients in mind when I bought it; one of which was my daughter.  I told her if she liked them, I would put them in her hope chest (cardboard box in the basement), and that's where they are now.  She "loved" them.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  Enjoy!


  1. Now that's my kind of No Winter Whining nature stalking I can relate to. Come link up with us today. You know what Spring means ~ yard sales!

  2. I had a pin very similar to that in the 70's - I think it was blue and pink. Gosh, I wish I would have kept that.

  3. I love thrifting... my favorite place is Bargain Land-- it is a thrift store, I suppose...but it is only open certain days of the month. I love getting the post card in the mail--
    Anyway- you found some great little items...are those aluminum cups in the background of your top photo? The Honey has been looking for some, we finally found some last year on a Thrifting outing...but it wasn't very thrifty (it was an Antique Mall) ...anyway- they are nice to drink from in the summer!

    have a great day- Pat

    OH! I forget to come here and take your 'random survey' ...but I find them funny and unique to your blog! Love it!

  4. I LOVE the daisy pin!!! I have a very small collection of them, one that I would like to see grow. But like you, I don't see them that often.

  5. I can see why she loved them, they are adorable...

    And I love the idea of a hope chest, why don't we do that more nowadays...


  6. Lovely finds Diane, I remember those flower pins from when I was young (dating myself, I know!) and I LOVE the salt and pepper shakers, adorable!