Sunday, February 17, 2013

Screen Goddesses

Time for another of my film books.  Screen Goddesses was published in 1984.  My folks gave me this copy for Christmas of that same year. 20 different actresses are highlighted with the somewhat odd inclusions of Joan Collins and Bo Derek-- trying to be "timely," I would say.

Marilyn Monroe on the cover

 Greta Garbo in quite the costume.

 Mae West

 Betty Grable

 Always stylish Audrey Hepburn

 Top: Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly
Bottom: Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner

Jean Harlow

Very nice book as it contains color as well as black and white photos.


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  1. I think I have a similar pic of Betty Gable, or something like it, in one of my art books (Vargas perhaps??)... there was so much charm in the old photos... lovely book! Cheers~