Saturday, February 16, 2013

1953 Kitchen

I promised no paper arts today.  This a (um, paper) magazine ad.  Hope that is okay!  I picked up a very kicked about 1953 Woman's Day magazine at a garage sale last year for collage purposes.  This Armstrong flooring ad was inside the back cover.  How about this kitchen?

What do you think?  I usually like strong colors, but I dunno about this combination. I do like those cupboards on the right; notice the red interiors?  Clever island/table too.

Kitchen decor sure has changed!  Comparatively speaking, today's upscale kitchens look like a hotel or restaurant.  Apologies to you upscalers.  In 1953 kitchens looked more homey.  Can't you smell the meatloaf?



  1. Love all the nook and crannies. Today people redoing RV’s in vintage style would go wild for a peek at your magazine. Have a good weekend, Diane. I will never tire of your paper art.

  2. I do like the combo of aqua and red, maybe like you not so much in this kitchen though....but it's cute.

    Funny how tastes change so dramatically.


  3. I use mostly black, white and red in this room (my office/studio/what-have-you) but I'm not sure about the blue in the picture. Love the storage!