Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TT/Decorate A Christmas Ornament

I actually made two tags for the "Decorate A Christmas Ornament" theme at Tag Tuesday. The matchbox is embellished with an old postage stamp (notice the price!). I also used some snazzy sequin trim that an aunt of mine handed down. By the way, how do you cut that stuff without it falling apart? I used lots of craft glue! Anyway, I was about halfway done and thought I really wasn't following the directions of using an ornament shape. So I made a second one:

Those are more old postage stamps too.  I mod podged the whole thing to look a bit shiny and sprinkled some glitter on the top and bottom.  Normally I steer clear of glitter; it follows me around for weeks, but my daughter had left some sitting out where I was working so...

So 2-for-1 this week.


1 comment:

  1. Love both your ornaments! I love using stamps to decorate and collage with they add a nice touch to the round one and your little matchbox has a very royal feel to it.