Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Image Makers

I haven't posted one of my "Hollywood" books in quite a long time so here we go. The Image Makers is one of my older books-- received in 1983 from my folks for Christmas. A great coffee table type book with tons of photos.  I used many of these famous faces in this book to draw ebony pictures years ago.  I was a portrait artist in another life.  

Here is a small sampling of the wonderful photos:
 Marlene Dietrich on the cover

 Hedy Lamarr

 Ann Sheridan

 Charles Chaplin

 Rita Hayworth

 Jean Arthur

Marlene Dietrich



  1. My husband would love this book!! He'd much rather watch an old black and white movie than a football game ---- unless it was Ohio playing!!

  2. Fabulous book. The stars aren't what they used to be :)

  3. I would love that book as well. Old Hollywood was fab.