Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Calling All Gurleys

Here are a couple of photos of my (formally my grandmother's) entire Gurley candle collection.  If I keep up blogging, maybe I will continue to highlight certain candles during Decembers to come.

Keep in mind my aunt has a few, my sister has several, there are also Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving models, and quite a lot were damaged and lost over time so the original collection was quite impressive.  One of my aunts said my grandmother and her collection were in a Chicago paper once (decades ago), but I've never been able to track that down.

I also should mention there are non-Gurley makes in here as well.  That's okay.  The more the merrier!

Nothing says "Christmas" to me quite like the smell of old wax and limp, yellowed tissue paper.  Maybe I need to get out more!



  1. I love these. They remind me of my childhood and what could be better than old yellowed tissue paper :)

  2. Gorgeous collection! I love how they're displayed, too.

  3. These are wonderful! I would rather have vintage Christmas things than anything else! Happy holidays!

  4. I've come back to these old posts to see your Gurleys. :-)