Monday, April 11, 2016

What Do April Snow Showers Bring?

This is the scene I awoke to on Saturday, APRIL 9TH!! Couldn't believe it!

I knew we were in for a cold night so covered some of my budding plants (those are old pillowcases).

The daffodils were not happy.

My daughter's fairyland looks a little shocked.

And I don't think this bird statue knows what hit it.

UGH!! I hope your weekend weather was better!!


  1. Oh my! I hope that sun comes out and warms things today! Don't ask me about my weather! haha! I don't like to brag! lol Hugs!

  2. We had a dusting but A half an hour east of us had 4 to 6 inches..hoping for some warmer temperatures this week.

  3. Hmm, good question. I could be a smart aleck and say that April snow showers bring snowdrop flowers, but even the snowdrops have already bloomed! We had just a few flurries Friday afternoon and then a hard freeze Friday night(and will again tonight, I hear), so we've covered some flowers 3 of the last 4 nights. But by the weekend it's supposed to be 70 degrees so spring is not far away.