Friday, April 22, 2016

Frame of Reference

I received a fun comment from Pat, of Corn In My Coffee Pot fame, on yesterday's inchies. She mentioned there was no frame of reference to give an idea of size. Well, she was right so just for fun, I reshot all of them next to an item I think everyone will know. Up first-- a domino.

A penny, of course

A small sized ponytail holder

A standard playing card

A die

A Junior Mint

A toothpick

Postage stamps

A pencil

A Ritz cracker
 A drinking straw

A teaspoon

A cassette tape

A crayon

A can of tuna

And just in case you are still not convinced-- how about next to a folding yardstick?

Thanks, Pat! Have a nice weekend, everyone!


  1. Tiny indeed... Very intricate detail

  2. Wow - that really puts them into perspective.

  3. Holy teeny tiny houses! You have talent girl and patience, very impressive indeed!

  4. And here I am... Late as usual!
    I loved seeing this post... Your creative bent has now limits! Even the frame of reference pictures are artistic in themselves!!
    Good job - I love it.

  5. Think I may have commented twice making this the third time?
    Btw... The junior mint and the ritz cracker were favorites- how about printing your pictures and making ATCs or something.