Monday, April 18, 2016

First Garage Sale

The first garage sale of the season last Friday netted a few finds.

It has been YEARS since I found an enamel flower pin at a garage sale.

This book is hard to see in the top photo. Geometric pattern reference book which is very cool. A seller on Etsy is selling individual pages. I will leave it intact.

Not one but two 1970 Raggedy Ann and Andy sewing patterns. It didn't dawn on me until I got home that it looks like my doll that my aunt made for me about 1971. This probably was the pattern she used. I think I'll keep one.

Two reasons I'm showing this gem of a find-- sink drain "gunk" catchers. #1: This is the type of thing you come home with when your husband comes along. #2: Notice the upper right corner. "GIFT?" This is a gift?? Somehow I never thought of buying these as gifts. Maybe I've been missing something.

Have a good day!


  1. Ahhh...look at your sweet Annie doll! I think you should keep the pattern too! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Diane

  2. Very true..Husbands seem to like gadgets..Mine used to love kitchen gadgets..not that he ever used them..

  3. The sales should be gearing up now, don't you think? Love the enamel pin. I had one when I was in HS and I wish I still had it.

  4. LOL about the "gift." Reminds me of the rubber gloves my mom received as a gift "chosen especially for her" at a quilt show luncheon. They weren't even pretty ones; they were just plain old yellow "scrub your toilet with these!" rubber gloves! The snotty lady who orchestrated it later had to apologize to my mom. Karma, baby.

  5. Those are the kinds of "gifts" my husband would give me. That and a blender or something.
    Either way, I have one of those-- and they're quite handy!
    Also... I like the coffee tin. It looks like a pretty blue turquoise-- it will sell quickly!
    I haven't been to a sale here yet. But, I'm keeping my eye out for one.