Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Yep, It's Cold

This was our temp at about 1 p.m. yesterday. Pretty brisk to say the least, but it was a sunny day.

My clever husband and daughter decorated the family chalkboard.

So what kind of temps will you have today?


  1. We are in the teens with single digit wind chills. I don't mind the temperatures. Not crazy about the wind.

  2. We are in Florida. But it is the coldest day of the year at 30s in the night. It will only be like this for a day or two, then back to the 60s and 70s during the day. Its hard on nights like this because I don't even own shoes. Just sandals, so I just wear socks with my sandals. It looks totally stupid. But I don't care, my feet are warm!

    1. Gee, even your lows sound good at the moment. I have some relatives in FL. I should pay them a long visit!

  3. We're having a pretty 'warm' winter here, hovering right around 0 C (32F) so can't complain! Stay warm! Deb xo