Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January Weather

I haven't griped about the weather lately because until Saturday, this winter had been very mild for us. We got a blast of fluffy snow on Saturday. Then the bottom fell out of the temperatures.

Then more snow on Monday with still very frigid temps.

Any guess? This is the back of my car.

Yes, definitely blanket weather!

Stay warm wherever you are today!


  1. Brrr! No white stuff here. But we did have a morning low yesterday of 29° ... cold enough!
    Today sunny and 57° I have clothes on the line drying!

  2. Looks like the same as here!! Boo hoo!!

  3. We had a high of 12° today and the dogs did not want to spend time on walks, which was fine because I didn't either. Thanks.

  4. We have the cold..no snow yet...Brrr

  5. I was glad to get the snow - finally got hubby out of the house so he could work. LOL!

  6. Oh rats, I guess the mild weather couldn't last forever but hope the cold ends soon! Deb xo