Tuesday, January 26, 2016

And Speaking of Smashing...

Just when I thought I was done "smashing" for awhile I came across a few interesting quotes from an old textbook (odd place to find them). So I cut them out and added them to my "quotes" book. They are small which is a nice change.

This first one is certainly appropriate to put on the first page of the book. "START HERE" was preprinted.

The fish on the far left and "HI" were preprinted in the book. I followed along with their fish theme.

The left side below I did quite a long time ago; I showed it on my blog at that time. I thought the quote I added to the right side went along very well. And the photo of the cowgirl statue is original to the book. I was glad to find a way to incorporate her.

This one shows not all Smash books or journals must have fifty pounds of memorabilia or art supplies per page.

Now this one, on the other hand, does teeter into that fifty pounds arena. The quote is a little lost which is okay too.

Not from an old book. This well known phrase is printed on a brand new journal card intended for scrapbooking.

Thanks for viewing. Do you have any favorite quotes to share??


  1. Wonderful Diane! I have quotes written on bits and pieces of scrap paper all over the place that I can never find when I want them. Think I need to start smashing! Deb xo