Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Favorite

Here is a question you've probably never been asked before: what is your favorite house plant? There are a lot of varieties out there, and they come in and out of style like everything else. Such as the currently hip air plant seen below.

Or maybe an easy to grow Jade?

Or the impossible to kill Mother-In-Law Tongue (although I know a couple people who did kill them).

Or maybe your taste runs to the cactus family?

What about ferns, spider plants, aloe? Or are you just not a plant person?

Have a happy weekend!


  1. I have a Christmas cactus that is blooming right now and needs little care. I love pretty plants in a home. I 'might' have mentioned you on my blog this morning! teehee! Holidays hugs, Diane

  2. I like all of those actually, and have had and killed, all of them. LOL. But my favorite is a purple passion. It's a vine like plant that is purple.

  3. Hmmm... you're right. I've never had this question before. Leave it to you!!!
    I had a much green thumb when I first married... and now, not so much, especially with indoor house plants. (I think I killed my green thumb!)

    but for the sake of choosing a favorite. I'd have to say Pathos Ivy!
    easy peasy...
    though I did kill two huge ones a couple of years back. :(

    happy weekend!

  4. I have had all of those at one time or another. Right now I am in to Christmas cactus and I have one orchid. Oh yes, two pathos as well. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. jade plant is the only plant I don't kill, besides chives! The great thing about jade plants is that you can cut a chunk and restart another plant. One time I started so many that I sold them at my garage sale....

    1. You're right. The jade plant shown was started from a friend's, and I started a second one from mine. Easy!