Friday, October 23, 2015

Thrifts Today

Yes, I am showing some recent thrift finds today. Someone gave up an older collection of dog figurines. These were the cream of the crop. And what is the ultra mod box in the background?

That box is the mailing box for this calendar towel. I like the box better than the towel! Just think, that towel has probably been rolled up in its box for over 40 years.

I also picked up a finished needlework piece.
Thanks for popping in today!


  1. You're right - I like the mod box better too. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hi Diane, lovely to have you pop over to my blog last week. I must admit I'm on permanent clear out mode so I'd more likely be getting rid of stuff! But I love that box too, it's fabulous. Have a great day x

    1. I like the "one in, one out" rule. Thanks for the blog visit.

  3. I like the mod box as well...Cute things..Enjoy your weekend..

  4. Wonderful finds to add to your dog figurine collection! And love when you can find treasures still in their boxes, score!

  5. I bet that towel was a gift!!!