Monday, October 12, 2015

More McCall's

Today we're looking at the McCall's Needlework and Crafts magazine Fall-Winter 1964-65. Cute cover. I don't think my dad ever held yarn for my mother. I remember her looping it over the back of a chair to wind it.

I think the woman on the left stole somebody's afghan.

Who knew yarn could be elegant?

How about that fringe?? It does look warm!

Cute infant accessories

Some mod fiber art. These were made by artists.

Barbie and Ken winter fashions

Do you think we'd ever see such a sweet ad in a magazine today?

I had to include this off-beat ad. My eleven-year-old thought the woman's expression was hysterical.

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  1. Hey there girlfriend! I'd like to order some of those Barbie and Kens! haha! And I love the books you've found and cards and inchies you've made! You've been busy! (I almost wrote bugy! lol) HUGS!!!

  2. I agree with your daughter. Very strange. My husband used to hold yarn For me....I have been known to use a chair. Now they have automatic thingys I have been known to use a chair. Now they have automatic thingies .

  3. LOL, she does look a little psychotic doesn't she?! Yes, most of those fashions are best left in '60's although I do kind of like the afghan dress ... just kidding!

  4. I really enjoyed the Barbie and Ken photo and their fab outfits. I remember that I found knitted clothing to go on my Barbie pretty easily as long as I kept her fingers out of the threads. What a goofy memory--thanks for the smile!