Thursday, October 29, 2015

Masters of Starlight

It's been so long since I showed any of my film star books that I'm not sure if I ever showed this one before. If so, I'm almost certain I did not show these photos. So without further adieu, I give you Masters of Starlight which was published in 1987. A heavy, coffee table type volume... That is Mary Pickford on the cover.

Lillian Gish from a movie called Broken Blossoms, 1919

Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova in 1923

Hedy Lamarr in 1940

Jean Harlow, 1937; notice the old cars in the background.

Mostly black and white, there are some color photos. Claudette Colbert as Cleopatra, 1934. A rather daring bodice, Claudette!

Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Giant, 1956

Gary Cooper in 1942; lots of smoking going on in much of these photos.

Thanks for popping in!


  1. I do love to look at old movie stills like these. That was such a different era.

  2. Boy!! These are oldies..enjoyed them.Thanks for sharing.

  3. they just don't make movie stars like those anymore!!!!!!!!!!! (but then i agree that b&w.... plus a lack of gossip sites, lol... added to the glamour and mystery!) ♥