Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wacky Pack Wednesday or She Did It Again

This is getting embarrassing-- I forgot to post a Wacky Pack again yesterday. Sorry, people! So here we are a day late once again...

Swedish Fish, anyone? I'm not a fan but know a lot of folks do like them. They really did originate in Sweden too.

Have a good day!


  1. Ha... I've done the same thing a time or two myself!
    I don't think the BLOGGER police are going to cite you for missing the Wacky Wednesday Edition.
    I've never tried this candy ... are they a jelly type candy, like a gummy?
    An acquired taste maybe?

  2. I like to use dummy worms to catch these fish.

  3. Better late than never..I'm not fond of them myself..

  4. There's nothing like cramming down a whole handful of red Swedish Fish, then picking the remnants off my teeth for the next hour. Awesome.

  5. ok, but i think there's an argument that says "wacky wednesday" is waaaaaaaaaaaaay wackier if it actually occurs on *thursday*!!! seriously... think about it... :) :) :)

    (personally, i'm not a fan of swedish fish, except aesthetically, they are cool looking; however i've never undertstood why swedish fish are called swedish fish but all other varieties are called gummies... some sort of weird candy-based profiling going on there...) :0

  6. Never had any Swedish fish, do they talk with an accent?! And don't worry about the Wednesday vs Thursday posts, I'm sure most of us wouldn't even have noticed it LOL