Thursday, May 28, 2015

Outdoor Fun In 1967

Sears was the place to buy all sorts of outdoor gear, even baseball gloves and basketballs. How about some boats?

Like to water ski?

Golf equipment too-- you could even buy a cart!

Fishing gear...

A nice color spread of some roomy tents.

I had a Spyder bike, but it was a 1970-something model-- a dark turquoisey color with a flower power banana seat, and a white basket on the front with plastic flowers attached.  How cool was that?

Boot style skates and the type that fall off your shoe and drag around your ankles (yes, I am speaking from experience).

Have a fun day!


  1. What a fun post and blast from the past. I had the strap onto your shoes skates and wore the key around my neck on a string. I also had a cool sting ray bike with the banana seat. Wish I still had it.

  2. Isn't it amazing the array of merchandise that used to be available from the catalogue!! But, when you think of it, not much different from our online shopping now!!!

  3. Golf clubs and bicycles have changed a lot...Great pics..Talk about antiques...

  4. Ah yes, the ankle dragging roller skates, I remember them well! Wish department stores were still like this, everything you might ever need all in one place instead of having to visit 10 'specialty' stores to get what you need. You could even buy a golf cart at Sears for Pete's sake!