Monday, May 4, 2015

Hodge Podge of Finds

Showcasing some recent finds today. Up first is what a lot of resellers would call a major dud-- vintage coffee mugs. They generally do not sell well, but these were a bargain and I love stackable mugs.

A unused scrapbook, a small baggie of sequin fish, and a Nancy Drew-- both for my daughter.

Pretty cool book and a nice tie for my FIL.

Note the original price tag still tucked in the end of the tie. I paid 75 cents. I think we can safely call that a bargain.

A very nice Joan Walsh Anglund book.

There you have a sort of odd mix of finds.  Thanks for looking!


  1. Nancy Drew books are always a favorite for me. I haven't been to a sale in over 2 weeks. Sob!

  2. Yeah, that Swedish Comics History looks really interesting! I had a ton of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys and Three Investigators books that I finally divied up and gave to my kids. They're classics!

  3. I looove old books and mugs :D great haul

    1. Thanks, Van! Those mugs are pretty neat.

  4. Very eclectic mix, I remember we had some mugs like that when I was young, think ours were green though.

  5. I still have my hard cover copy of The Mystery of Lilac Inn - loved Nancy Drew!!