Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekly Album Project

I've sen a lot of art journals and Project Life type albums over the last couple of years. Have you? I like them, but not the commitment. I came up with my own little weekly album idea for this year. A smallish book, 4" x 4", of one activity or thought for that week. Of course, I'll be using mostly paper, and I plan to use a vintage sewing pattern image on each too. I have a stash of these, already cut out so I might as well use them, right? As you can see, I haven't made a cover yet.

The week my daughter went back to school after Christmas break was horribly cold!!

Yes, putting away all of my Christmas decorations was exhausting!

I was talking with a friend about painting my kitchen because I'm tired of the color, but didn't come up with any big ideas. It has been colonial blue, medium pink, and now bright yellow. The gray countertops are staying; the black flooring is staying, the white cabinets are (unfortunately) staying. Any suggestions? And I'm not a fan of green and not about to wallpaper.

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Hard to suggest a color without seeing a picture of you kitchen. I used to be an interior designer. Possibly a greyish blue teal color for paint. Or all white with a cool stone backsplash incorporating the grays in the stones and browns... and super cool art work. Have fun with whatever you decide, but remember to take pics to post!

    1. Greyish teal probably would match very well. I had thought of something sort of turquoisey. There is old white tile halfway up the walls and used as a blacksplash-- that's staying too :( Thanks for the suggestions!!

  2. How about white? or a darker gray on one wall and lighter gray on the others? Probably shouldn't ask me because I still have the paint I bought a few months ago and it's just sitting here waiting for me to paint my kitchen. I'm kinda chicken to change it. lol

    CUTE craft project!

  3. I love these little books! The notes on them are cute too! are these some you'll be selling or will you be writing in them like these for journaling?
    I'm terrible at picking out paint and what goes with what!
    Getting the house ready to sell, has been a chore, and I finally like the coordination of color in my kitchen! Doesn't that just figure?

  4. Sounds like you like color..My husband used to call me Mrs Blah!! I don't get tired of blah!! I'd probably use two shades of grey..I don't know how many walls you have..turquoise accents?? Cranberry red accents..I don't know..Oops..Looks like Cranberry morning said the same thing..I didn't see that..Grey seems to be the in color right now..

  5. I really like this! As for your kitchen, do something that brings you joy!

  6. Great album Diane, love the vintage sewing pattern images! I am hopeless at choosing paint colours so have no constructive ideas for you, sorry.