Friday, January 16, 2015

First Finds for 2015

It's been quite a while since I shared any thrift finds.  The stores I haunt are closed between Christmas and New Year's, and one was closed after that due to wintry weather. To be honest, I started getting out of the habit of going, but I had some items to donate so made the rounds the last week or so.

Up first, a 1975 cookbook all about breads and soups which sounds pretty good in January!  Some old postcards and a couple vintage get well cards.

Both the postcards were used and sent to different people. One is written in German (I think) and dated 1913 (wow!), the other was not dated or postmarked with a date.

Both of the above postcards are embossed, and this gold one is even flocked. How about that?

Whatever happened to "cute?"

One of the postcard folders features the homes of the stars. Here we see Jack Benny's (above) and Bob Hope's below.

Tyrone Power's and Clark Gable's

Cary Grant's beach house and Mary Pickford's. This folder must go back pretty far-- late 30s? Maybe the 40s.

I also found a couple pottery pieces. This is a bank.

And this is just a bird.

Definitely no garage sales or estate sales to attend so this isn't a bad little haul. Thanks for viewing!


  1. Great finds. I haven't been to an estate sale or garage sale in weeks. I'm going thru withdrawal.

  2. I haven't been thrifting in quite sometime. Trying to to keep my money!
    The cards with the stars homes... are fascinating to me!
    Interesting finds... glad you were able to get out and find something. ;)

  3. Good stuff..Great postcards..Love the roses on the cards..Have a good weekend..

  4. It's so much fun to go never know what you'll find. Love the postcards! Happy weekend!

  5. Great haul and score on those postcards!

  6. The postcards you found are really fancy ones! Nice!!

  7. Carey Grant's beach house is awesome.