Friday, March 29, 2013

Steampunk ATC

The current theme at Collage Obsession is "Steampunk and Beyond."  I've never been a fan of steampunk; in fact, I find some of it kind of scary. However, Order of the Opus Gluei has a theme of "Go Where You Haven't Gone Before" running.  I think someone was trying to tell me something.

I stayed away from the scary side.  Mostly scrapbook paper plus an old mechanics book I have which is full of numbers, diagrams, and other usually mundane info. Here it looks pretty good.

Happy Friday!


  1. Lucky you to have that book full of diagrams, etc. This is a really great ATC. Love it!xx

  2. i can't seem to grasp the Steampunk idea.
    I think I have it...but then I see that I just don't get it.
    I like this piece.

  3. I think it's better than "pretty good", I think it's wonderful! I'm so glad that you have decided to try Steampunk and that you chose to share it with us at Opus Gluei! I hope you do more of it, it doesn't have to be scary and you are obviously good at it!

  4. I'm with Electra, this is MUCH more than pretty good! I love that our theme got you to try something new! Your execution of steampunk is quite good, I love the collage elements you used, they come together perfectly for the theme. Thank you so much for taking the challenge with us at Opus Gluei and having fun with it, I hope you return for even more challenges with us!