Friday, March 1, 2013

Cheerful Tearful

I'm sharing another book from my childhood collection today.  Baby Cheerful Tearful (the authorized edition, no less) was published in 1968 and was written by Melissa Dow Funk.  It's a very colorful, simple, and girlie story of a girl named Ann and her Cheerful Tearful doll.  Ann asks her mother how to make Cheerful Tearful happy. Her mother relays how she made Ann happy when she was a baby.

In case you're not familiar with Cheerful Tearful, she was a popular baby doll manufactured by Mattel back in the 60s.  When you lowered her arm, she makes a pouty face.  I always wanted one, but alas, only got the book.  My daughter loved the book when she was younger so I bought a Cheerful Tearful doll from Ebay.  She pays no attention to it!!  Someday, I'll resell it, I guess.

A careful observer might notice little indents on the book's cover.  Those were made by the beloved black Lab that I grew up with, Toby.  His teeth marks are on several of my old books.

Enjoy (Toby did!)


  1. What a sweet book! (dog bites and all.) Whitman published several Mattel baby dolls as paperdolls, including your little Cheerful Tearful in 1966.

  2. I love books! I am not familiar with either this book or the inspiration behind it... but I don't think back then globalization was as wide spread and I believe that it is probably North American and hadn't reached Britain then! Cheers~