Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cheerful Tearful Pt 2

I had no intention of continuing the Cheerful Tearful saga from yesterday, but when Gayle from Garden of Daisies commented Whitman also made Cheerful Tearful paper dolls, I thought, "Hey..."  I bought those for my daughter too from Ebay.  Had forgotten all about them.  So I dug them out, plus the actual doll that no one here plays with.

This little chest on the inside fron cover actually opens for storage-- although most of the clothes are too big to fit.

That is not her original dress, but it is the one that came with her when I purchased her (from Ebay).



  1. I've never seen those kind of paper dolls before, so cute...


  2. The book the doll and the paperdoll... all so sweet! And shows just how much this doll meant to you as a child. I do love baby/little girl paperdolls. They are the sweetest of all.