Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wacky Pack Wednesday

Here is a Wacky Package many of you may know.  It's still around today, although once again the logo has changed quite a bit.  Do you remember when laundry detergent came in rectangular, cardboard boxes?  I'll admit it-- I do.



  1. For some odd reason I was thinking about Madd magazine and the funny stickers they used to give out. And here you are.

    Oh, about the date changing...have your tried saving the post again before you post?

    I use windows live writer, and post the next day...now I have to go and check my dates.


  2. Hi Diane.

    Yes, I remember detergent in cardboard boxes. I remember milk in bottles the milkman put in a little box by the backdoor too.

    Have a good one. . ..

  3. Telling a 'fib'! Oh that word has been lost from our language too. My Grandma's both used that word, must be Minnesota Nice, don't say LIE!