Friday, January 4, 2013

I Forgot The Cranberries

Comic Louie Anderson did a bit about Thanksgiving years ago.  The family is eating their pumpkin pie when his mother suddenly shouts: "I forgot the cranberries!"  So she runs around the table putting cranberry sauce on everyone's dessert plate.  Of course, it's funnier coming from Louie.  Anyway, every time I suddenly remember something, I think of that line.  Like two days ago when I realized I forgot about a few Christmas decorations stored in my blanket chest.  How I forgot about this doll, I'll never know; I've had her since I was eight or so (insert joke about owning it for twenty years which makes me 28, ha, ha...).  My folks gave her to me, although I don't remember receiving her so maybe I was younger.  Six or seven?  Good, that makes me 26 or 27!

She's in pretty good shape for her age (she won't tell either).  I have replaced one of the pompoms on her frock, but that's it.  She even has (droopy) hose and a stiff petticoat (and lace trimmed panties).

My mom made the doll a summer dress that I unfortunately no longer have.  Drat. And I never gave her a name.  Maybe after this year, I should call her Mrs. Anderson.

I'm linking to Mockingbird Hill Cottage and "A Favorite Thing" today.  Anything I've hung on to for "28" years deserves to be a favorite thing!



  1. Your title instantly reminded me of that line from the Waitresses' 1980s Christmas Rapping song: "You mean you forgot cranberries, too?"

    Thanks for the funny and endearing story. "Mrs. Anderson" is adorable.

  2. What a doll... Oh wait. Seriously, she's in wonderful condition for being 28 ~ or so. I discovered my angel tree topper when I was putting away the ornaments. I'll remind you if you'll remind me (**

  3. Happy story, glad you remembered to find her. Nice that she has her original outfit.
    Visiting from Mockingbird Hill Cottage.

  4. I can see why she is a favorite thin. Only, I could have sworn you were 21 :)

  5. So cute - thanks for sharing her with us.
    Thanks for stopping by and nice comment. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Oh...I just love those drooping hose....Reminds me of so many little old ladies that I have gone to church with over the years....Very sweet!
    Blessings and a few chuckles,

  7. She is a beauty! What a wonderful treasure from your childhood - only a few short years ago!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  8. Beautiful doll. My last doll was a bride doll. My Mom made the bridal gown. I wish I had it now.

  9. How wonderful to have something from your childhood that was so special to you. I wish I still had my Madame Alexander doll. She was a Senorita, and so pretty. I can't believe I got rid of her. I know you must have been kicking yourself for forgetting to bring her out! Well, she looks like she could take you safely to Valentines Day!

  10. Whatever happened to Louie Anderson?! Is he still with us? I love that - that's something my mom would have done and said.

    Your doll is adorable! Too funny she has droopy nylons, poor thing.

    Happy new year to you!

  11. Hi Lydia, What a treasure and great shape, I love how she looks all grown up.Thanks for stopping over, hope to see you again:)
    I did join up!!
    Blessings, Roxy

  12. She's very beautiful..You we're right to hang on to her.

  13. The doll is beautiful, and the droopy hose is wonderful. Great memories of dolls and droopy hose.

  14. She's certainly a cute little doll! I don't have any dolls from my childhood and I always forget the cranberries at Thanksgiving!

  15. She is a very sweet little dolly! I've forgotten things for dinners before too... Oh well. That's why I make lists now. :-)

  16. She's a beautiful doll and so nice that you have wonderful memories about her. I really loved dolls as a child ~ they were very special to me. Don't feel bad about forgetting her. Life seems to be so crazy these days that it's hard to remember everything!